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In our three-volume study we present about 2400 hallmarks on:

1. Silverware and silver-plated ware.
2. Jewellery and luxury goods.*
3. Cutlery.

* Volume II includes, among other things, the unique and most extensive collection of about 310 hallmarks of jewellers from Pforzheim.

All the listed makers' marks cover the period after the year 1888, however, in many cases the listed firms have been present already before this date and some are still present on the market. Each volume contains introduction in four languages: German, Polish, English and French. In order to facilitate usage of the descriptions by persons who do not know German we have attached a short dictionary to help the readers understand descriptions of the presented hallmarks.

In the last sections of volume I and volume II we have featured a separate chapter that presents hallmarks of the greatest German Art Nouveau designers, whereas volume 3 includes chapter dedicated to the most famous Russian silver workshops operating before the Revolution of 1917.

The purpose of this study is to help you to identify makers, workshops and master craftsmen of many types of wares that you possess. The study can be of invaluable help not only to museologists, art historians and librarians but also to auctioneers, antique dealers, jeweller's experts, collectors and all admirers of beautiful items. Especially today, in the era of Internet, when knowing a name of a company is enough to precisely identify and valuate an item getting to the prices reached on the antique markets. Our lexicon is a key to further, more precise Internet search. Using Internet browsers and having knowledge of a name of a firm you can find more complete and detailed information about its history as well as wares made there, and described in the specialist literature, or items often being in the museums' or private collections or offered by the auction houses.

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